Putting Up An Afternoon Party? Know What To Use}

Putting Up an Afternoon Party? Know What to Use


lawrenz scottImagine this scenario: some of your friends are coming over late afternoon, so you are thinking of throwing an instant party. The problem is, you really don’t know which furniture and fixtures to use. The good news is, you have catering London providers such as Allens Hire to help you out.

Just to give you an idea on which furniture rentals you should choose or cutlery to pick, check the list below:

Bowls and Platters


You need small bowls and platters for the little snacks you’re planning to serve, such as fruit combos, tapas, and canaps. Depending on the theme of your informal party, the bowls and platters can come in a variety of styles. You can have the more colorful ones if you want more vibrancy, while silver or glass platters will be perfect if you like something more formal. If you want the extra-special ones, you can opt for the hand-made glass platters. Don’t forget to pair the bowls with spoons.

Chairs and Tables

If you don’t have your own furniture, then you need to choose the right furniture rentals to use if you like to have a party in your yard or garden. Umbrellas will make sure your guests are comfortable all throughout the gathering and protected from the sun. If you are not too picky or you want to get your rentals cheap, you can settle for garden tables and chairs. On the other hand, if the party is going to be on the patio, you may want to pick wooden tables and chairs that would look good amidst the garden scenery. And just in case the weather turns a little bit rough, set up a patio heater.


The afternoon is one of the best times to get your barbecues out. You can grill in two ways: either gas or charcoal. If you want to preserve the smoked flavor of the meat and vegetables, then most definitely you should settle for the latter. Gas-fueled grills are much faster, though.

If your guests are bringing their kids along or you yourself have children, you should also consider chair hire for them. Use high chairs especially if the kids are below 3 years old. Glasses

The kinds of glasses you are going to utilise will depend on what drinks you want to serve. If you need to hire a bar, then that will not be an issue as Allens Hire has comprehensive bar and cocktail equipment you can hire. You can get ashtrays, ice buckets and chilling boxes, tongs, and cocktail shakers.

If you are offering your own wines and champagnes, you can select from the following: fluted glasses, martini glasses, and / or coloured glasses. There are also beer mugs and regular-sized glasses.

A last minute afternoon party can definitely be organized if you have the right catering equipment and rental company at hand. All you have to do is know which furniture to get. Hopefully, the list above will be a huge help.

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