6 Precautions You Should Take When Using An Atv Winch

By J. Lloyd

Winches play a very significant role while using ATVs. They have become a necessity for the ATV enthusiasts. They are commonly used in ATVs, trucks and trailers. The sturdiness and type of the winch depends upon the requirement of the user as there are types of winches that can be used for different purposes.

a – ATV’s winches: ATV winches have proved to be life saving equipments for the ATV enthusiasts as they have helped a lot in taking them out from the dangerous circumstances like getting into deep mud-hole while navigating. In the latest models of ATVs, the winch can be mounted on the front or on the rear end of the ATV and can be shifted from front to back depending upon the requirement.

There is a wide range of ATV winches in terms of their strength, but its selection depends upon the functioning and size of the ATV. It is always recommended to the ATV enthusiasts to possess ATV winches in their ATVs.

b – Truck’s winches: The tow trucks were used to possess the winches in the past but in the present scenario, the winches are present in three quarter and in one ton trucks. The winches that were used earlier were the hand cranked winches whereas the winches which are used now-a-days are electric winches.

The functioning of these electric winches is remote controlled and are hooked to the battery of the truck. They have been proved very helpful in the dangerous situations like slipping and sliding of the trucks on uneven lands. The large trucks like F-350 require a strong winch and it approximately costs around 12,000 pounds.


c – The winches are also present in the trailers that can be either electronic or hand cranked. These trailer winches are commonly found on most of the boat trailers. In the past decades, the hand cranked trailer winch was used in boats to pull it onto the trailer in order to secure it into its place.

But with development of latest technology, the trailer winches function under the influence of electric current and are present in wide range in terms of strength. These electric winches pull the boat onto the trailer by just pushing up a single button which is an easy and comfort method of loading and unloading the boats as compared to the use of hand cranked winches.

How to Mount a Winch

You should always ensure that the winch is mounted perfectly either on an ATV or on a trailer. In order to have perfect mounting, it is always recommended to have a winch bumper as it can be mounted on the bumper of the truck or even can replace it.

In this way, the winch will get security against theft or any damage after being fitted inside the winch bumper. Use of winch bumper will not affect the vehicle in any aspect, unless it suits yours vehicle. You can take assistance from the truck accessory store while selecting the apt and best winch and winch bumper depending upon your requirement.

Precautions To Be considered While Using ATV Winch

Though the use of winches is very easy, it is always suggested to consider the following precautionary measures while using them:

a – You should always be careful while using the metal cable as they may cut your hands.

b – It is always recommended to carry leather gloves while using a winch. c – You should always keep the loose clothes away from the winches in order to preclude any injury. d – It is always suggested that not to use winch as a hoist because this will increase the chances of hurting yourself and your ATV. e – You should never step over the cable when it snaps. f – You should always make sure that the winch should not drain your battery.

Therefore, using the winches safely can really be helpful on your adventurous trips.

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