Dubai’s Luxurious Designs For World Class Interiors

By Chad Henners

The calibre of interior design in Dubai presents to the world is without a doubt, one of the finest. A proof that continuously brings pride to this emirate is the Burj Al Arab, one of the most luxurious all-suite hotel ever built, and the country’s icon. The uniquely innovative exterior is surpassed aesthetically only by its even more breathtaking interior, with every inch lavishly designed to achieve perfection. The extravagant design of its water-themed lobby gives you a glimpse of the hotel’s opulent styling consistent all throughout the palace-like structure – its richness highlighted by no less than pillars and furnishings of gold!

With such a superior model to live up to, it’s no wonder that the quality of interior design in Dubai sets is that of flawless standards. The services provided by top designer companies cater to every imaginable decorating need. There is no big or small decorating job for designers in this country. Every space entrusted by clients from all throughout the United Arab Emirates is given the same level of attention and commitment. It is for this reason that companies from Dubai have gained international recognition.


Teaming up with the best furnishers providing pieces that ensure balance of function and style, Dubai-based interior design companies deliver inspiration, creativity and comfort to every property they handle. Designers encourage clients to share ideas, the desired look, colour preferences, and any other requirement or request they want to ensure satisfaction. Designers oversee projects from the time the first sketches are made, to the day the last frame is hanged on the wall. Consultations are made throughout the duration of the task to be certain that both designer and client are heading towards the same direction. Friendly and warm in dealing with clients, but strict and professional in getting their jobs done, designers of top companies can capture the character and personality of the client and integrate them in the space they’re working on.

Dubbed as the ‘new Florida’, the ‘shopping capital of the Middle East’ and the ‘City of Gold’, the country has gained reputation for everything luxurious, artistic and beautiful. The high standards of interior design have played a major role in Dubai’s makeover from a vast desert to one of the most visited destinations in the world. And with skyscrapers built each day, and hundreds of expatriates moving permanently each day, the thriving field of interior designing will continuously provide excellent services and improve lifestyles. Dubai’s international appeal may come from its palatial hotels and buildings, but what makes tourists stay is the idea of having their own splendid tropical villa!

Being the fastest growing city in the world mainly populated by foreigners from different parts of the globe, the vast range of projects for interior design in Dubai had seen completed is continually adding to its companies’ impressive reputation. Whether transforming a simple home to a more plush residence, giving a plain office a more professional atmosphere or creating the perfect theme for a business space, interior designers in this country strives to achieve the outstanding results expected of them.

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500 201 Best Certification To Acquire Deploying Cisco Service Provider Mobile Backhaul Solutions}

Submitted by: Toby Henry

Technology has become an essential part of our life. Be it a corporate sector or working on the house, we all need technology. IT certifications are important tools that help you get involved with technology more easily and to make IT as your career. IT certifications are considered as milestone to link you with technology. Getting an IT certification isnt an easy job, but once you have cleared your exam and have got a certification then you can easily land with a good job in the field of IT.

Why Choose Cisco Certification?

When it comes to acquiring professional IT certification and working in a reputable organization, Cisco certifications are considered as the number one choice of IT professionals. These certifications are especially designed for professional so that they can acquire full knowledge of IT and can apply to various aspects of technology. Choosing Cisco certification will help you to get hold of various aspects and different categories and tools of IT. The 500-201, Deploying Cisco Service Provider Mobile Backhaul Solutions exam will help you to become a professional and to understand the dynamics of IT field.


About the exam

The 500-201, Deploying Cisco Service Provider Mobile Backhaul Solutions exam is one of the highly recognized exams especially designed for the professional. Employees who take this exam and cleared it are recognized and have higher chances of growth too. The exam is very comprehensive and covers different areas like networking, dealing with various applications, providing solution to clients and various other tools that will provide you greater insights about various techniques and tools. The exam questions are multiple choice questions and one can easily score well if he has prepared previously.

The exam question tests candidates analytical, technical skills require them to bring new innovative solutions for the clients as well. The exam test has limited time in which candidates have to complete the test in order to clear the exam.

Get Yourself Trained

It is highly recommended for the individuals and professionals to get training for the 500-201, Deploying Cisco Service Provider Mobile Backhaul Solutions exam. Since the exam test evaluates candidates on several grounds, so its best option that you prepare yourself before taking the exam. Training can be taken at the local IT institutions that offer the preparation for your particular course or else you can take online preparation classes and study, material to practice for the exam. Make sure when you go to local IT institutions for training; choose the ones that are credible are reputable too, so that you can have the proper study guide and preparation material. Once you get yourself prepare it is easier for you to understand the exam concepts.

Technology has become an essential part of our life. Be it a corporate sector or working on the house, we all need technology. IT certifications are important tools that help you get involved with technology more easily and to make IT as your career. IT certifications are considered as milestone to link you with technology. Getting an IT certification isnt an easy job, but once you have cleared your exam and have got a certification then you can easily land with a good job in the field of IT.

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Sample Questions and

Practice Exam.


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Bba Courses, Colleges And Career Prospects In India}

Submitted by: Radhika Sethi

A career in BBA is the rudimentary stage of someone seriously interested in engraving a career in MBA in the long run. This Bachelor in Business Administration builds up the fundamentals to pursue your management edification. This course proves essential for the students from non commerce background that brings them in terms with the basic concepts of the advanced business programs.

Full time courses in BBA will open avenues to the entry level position in corporate and factories. You will indulge in the back end operations of the firms getting hands on experience on the specific vertical post completion of the course.

Courses in BBA

Being a three year degree program, Bachelors of Administration aims at providing the paramount education in the business management precepts. You will have a multiple areas of specialization to choose from after enrolling for this course. Students can specialise in areas like finance, marketing & accounting, international business, real estate, computer systems and retail.

The course is designed in such a manner to confer the practical management skills to a novice that will prepare the students to work for large or small organization.

Eligibility Criteria

A student must pass the Higher Secondary or an equivalent with a minimum of 40 per cent to be eligible to enrol for the course. English should be a mandatory subject to pursue a career in BBA.

Every reputed institution conducts its own Assessment Tests for screening candidates. The following entrance exams are conducted by some of the esteemed BBA colleges of India:

Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET)

Joint Management Entrance Test

All India Management Association Undergraduate Aptitude Test (AIMA UGAT)


Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test (GGSIPU CET)

GITAM University Admission Test

Top BBA Colleges in India

Post completion of the course, a BBA student will be well decked with the conceptual skills and knowledge of corporate management that will aid them in comprehending the diverse operations in an organisation. In this light, here goes the list of the few recognized institutes providing a comprehensive course structure in BBA in India:

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi

Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsa

Barkatullah University, Bhopal

University Of Lucknow, Lucknow

Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Management and Research, Pune

Bundelkhand University, Jhansi

Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai

Loyola College, Chennai

University of Technology and Management, Shillong

ICFAI University, Dehradun

SDM Institute of Management Development, Mysore

St. Xaviers College, Kolkata

Himalayan Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow

Netaji Subhash Institute of Management Sciences, Delhi

Institute of Advance Management and Technology, Meerut

School of Management Sciences, Varanasi

St. Xaviers College, Mumbai

The NSHM School of Management, Kolkata

DAV College, Chandigarh

H. R. College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai

ISBR Business School, Chennai

Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications, Pune

B.P. Poddar Institute of Management & Technology, Kolkata

St. Andrews College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mumbai

Amity Global Business School, Noida, Mohali,Kolkata Bangalore and Ahmedabad

Institute of Business Management and Research (IBMR), Kolkata

Madras Christian College, Chennai

About the Author: A book worm, a story teller, counselor by a profession, Vinay Sharma simply loves everything about books, career growth, help people to clear their mind and strategies. He loves to help students in focus on their career and how they will start career and in which college or university. He specializes in giving counselling on BBA, Sports Management, career in B.Tech, in Cloud Computing, Civil, Mechanical and more


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Education Fairs In India: Why Students Must Participate

Education Fairs in India: Why Students Must Participate


Impact Media

One of the most important decisions in a young adult s life is what he/she plans to study after his/her high school education. After the decision is made, comes the daunting task of where they plan to further their education. Given the staggering number of education institutes in the country, it is hard for students to properly assess their options and choose the college that is right for them. This is where education fairs come in.Education fairs are a platform for colleges from all over the country and the world showcase themselves to the youth they want to attract. These fairs eliminate the need for the tedious process where students have to visit each college individually. It provided students with a variety of learning options under the expert guidance and counseling of the delegates present from universities all over the world. This helped the students and parents to dispel doubts related to career and further education options, leading to well informed and level-headed decisions.By attending these exhibitions students are exposed to a large number of colleges in one spot. They can look into those that meet their requirements and this helps them make a more informed and well thought out decision.

Browsing around the various colleges can also help an undecided student make up his/her mind about the field of study he/she wants to pursue further. The expos provide a better idea about the different fields of study that one may chose to concentrate on.Career paths can be outlined and given a definite shape with the help of the counseling facilities available at the fairs.

Education Fairs in India Promote Upcoming Institutes


Education fairs are also a boon to budding institutions that are yet to establish their foothold in the world of education. They are given the opportunity to tell the public what they are all about. Foreign institutions also come to these fairs in search ofnew recruits. The students are exposed to more and more prospective colleges.

Any queries one may have about the fee structure, courses and admission can be clarified on spot. Information regarding scholarships can be discussed. It is far easier to compare and evaluate each college as all the options are at hand.

The exposure gained by students at education fairs is unlike anything else. They broaden the horizons of the youngsters and shed light on career paths that they might not have even considered. These fairs help students make the potentially life changing decisions at this crucial milestone in life. Hence, students who attend these fairs are more likely to make informed choices about professional courses to pursue.

Attend EduFair 2013 to find a management college of your choice and get set for a high flying career in the management domain. Impact Media is a well-staffed, proficient, education event organizer in North East India

For more information, please visit :

NE Career Forum Building

Lamb Road, Opp. Ugratara Temple,

Uzanbazar, Guwahati-781001, Assam, India

0361-2734994/98640 53712

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Structural Engineering Companies

Submitted by: Lauren Chen

Structural Engineering: A new look

The world of Structural Engineering has fast evolved into a cost effective route that back fancy designs and looks that please the passerby. We offer a variety of Structural design services.

With the advent of CAD and further evolution of the Structural engineering domain, customization to the most intricate detail level is now possible and we keep you involved and engaged at all times during the project to ensure you get what you had asked for, in fact more !

From structural analysis to foundation repair to foundation repair we make sure that no stone is unturned in meeting your expectations.


While most Structural engineering companies focus on traditional and conventional means and methods, we make sure our processes are thoroughly evolving to meet deadlines and get over all bottlenecks.

Structural steel engineering is no child s play and we ensure that we meet all industry standards in terms of basic design and load bearing in terms of safety pre-requisites and go that extra mile to create magic.

Our engineers are highly qualified professionals with strong academic backgrounds and robust industry experience. We have a highly co-ordinated organizational structure that ensures all project deadlines are met with quality and precision. When technical expertise meets highly transparent and productivity centric processes you have great results. Rome wasn t built in a day and we give due credibility to the statement and work hard day in and night out to improve our processes.

We lay a lot of impetus on the quality of material used since we believe in quality that lasts. We are also thoroughly aware of the complexities involved in specific needs of projects that require basement foundation repair and have all the technical expertise and experience to deliver so that you may breathe easy. There is immense competition in the structural design and engineering vertical and most players are busy coming out with cost effective processes. We see this as a great opportunity to go one step ahead and be better than competition. While most competitors may claim tall and gigantic structures to their credit, we are proud of having worked for a multitude of clients and big or small , we have helped then bring their dreams to live.

The overall foundation design repair process we follow is also very streamlined and ensures no hassles or disruption in services like gas supply which is networked at the foundation level. So more dependencies on foundation contractors, you know we are here to provide for your needs at competitive rates as our focus in as much on long term client retention as we lay impetus on fresh client acquisitions.

We have undertaken various projects in New Jersey and other major cities. Although we are a medium sized firm we have all the assets to match or outshine big firms which leaves you delighted since you have a single point of contact and don t need to worry about the where about of different project managers at the various stages.

Structural Engineering and Building Consulting firm

Our Professional Engineering Licences include : NJ, NY, CT, PA, FL, CO, MD, LA, OR, WI, AZ, IA, OK, IN, MA, VA, KY, WV, MN, DE, NE. This list is constantly expanding so please check with us.

Residential Home Inspection Licences include: NJ

About the Author: Structural Workshop, LLC is a Structural Engineering and Building Consulting firm founded in 2004. We provide a full range of Strucutral Engineering and Building Consulting Services. We also are the leading provider of Residential Structural and Foundation Inspections and repairs in New Jersey.


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The Evolution Of The Tv Weather Man

The Evolution of the TV Weather Man


Chet W

The weatherman has become an icon throughout the world. People religiously tune in their televisions to hear a prediction of the upcoming weather. Most of us however, refuse to admit that the weatherman and the weather report is not an exact science. We live by the weather predictions, plan our days, plan our vacations, plan our outdoor work, and dress accordingly. The weather forecast is important to everyone in one way or another and it’s not limited to civilians. The military as well as the aviation industry rely heavily on current and future weather conditions. Weather reporting has advanced in step with modern technology, obviously computers play an important role in the forecast nowadays. As advanced as computers are today, they still can only predict the future some of the time. They can make predicting easier and more accurate than weather prediction of years gone by. As a matter of fact, weather is part of every day’s news show and a televised news show would be incomplete without the weather segment.


Weather forecasting appeared on the television airwaves in October of 1941. It was the first time a visual representation of current and future weather conditions were presented to the public. There were radio broadcasts of weather forecasts since January of 1921 but nothing could compare to a weather forecast the public could view for themselves. The first weatherman ironically was a cartoon character who sang a tune while the weather was displayed on the screen. It may sound primitive now but in its time it was state of the art. The 1950’s brought about a new era. The live TV weather man armed with a chalkboard, some chalk, a sense of humor, and an arsenal of meteorological knowledge was about ot become part of our daily lives. The weather forecasts were vague and primitive but basically better than nothing at all. As confidence in the weather forecasts grew, so did the public’s interest in the weatherman. A well-done, inaccurate forecast was better than no forecast at all. As time passed and the weather segment on the daily news program continued to gain popularity, women stepped in and became television weather forecasters as well. As with everything else, the weather forecast itself evolved. The presentation became much more involved and complex. The weatherman now had to present current conditions along with some detailed statistics for those viewers who were interested in weather-related stats and history. Even those TV viewers who may have never had an interest in the specific details of weather, now had something to talk about at the dinner table or at work the following morning. The weather segment of the news broadcast was becoming mandatory for all news shows based on its growing popularity. The chalkboards of old were soon replaced with cardboard models and then of course by computer animations and even the infamous “green screen”. The green screen, in reality a blank green screen, allowed the weatherman to stand in front of a large scale weather map and actually point to various aspects of the map. Television viewers of course see the maps and graphics clear and colorful which totally enhanced the forecast. The visual effects became almost as important as the weather forecasters themselves. Weather men and women began to earn reputations either good or bad based on their forecasting skills. What the public didn’t realize was that the reputation was also earned from pure personality. The presentation and a little luck made some TV weather people stars and others into goats. An incorrect forecast is expected, to some extent, because even the weathermen themselves will admit that weather is not an exact science. Overall it comes down to personal preference, some viewers would rather watch a man deliver the forecast and others prefer a woman, some viewers may tune to a particular TV station based primarily on the computer graphics used during the weather segment and others may choose to watch a weather person purely for their physical appearance. How do you rate your local weatherman and why is he or she your favorite anyway?

Chet is an longtime associate of the

Weather Man Report

, an online forum dedicated to rating today’s television weather forecasters. The Weather Man Report is a subsidiary of

Val Marketing

of Carbondale, Pennsylvania.

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The Evolution of the TV Weather Man