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Submitted by: Michael Irvin

Personal Branding Checklist


The Little Black Book Of Personal Branding

By: Michael Irvin

Tips To Creating A Powerful and Profitable Public Image

By: Michael Irvin

2012, All Rights Reserved.

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This personal branding checklist is not about being perfect. It is about how to present yourself to potential clients and employers in the best way possible that makes them want to hire you and buy your products and services.

This Free Personal Branding Checklist has gone viral because people want to share this valuable information with their friends and co-workers.

Henry David Thoreau said,

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.

The quote above was written by Thoreau in the 1800s, yet it is still true today. Most men and women will go through life wishing that they were doing something differently, but will continue along the same path until it is too late.

If that seems depressing to you, then consider this. You have the ability to change your life starting right now. You cant do it all in one day, but you can do it. That is the reason I took the time to write this short Personal Branding Checklist. I want to help others grow in there given field. In order to do this you must get recognized.

However, even though I am giving this information away freely, most people will not study the material and put it into practice. Most people will not seek out new ways of to increase their public image and recognition. If this seems like a negative point of view, then you have the ability to prove me wrong starting right now.


I meet people all the time, both young and old, who havent learned the importance of personal branding. Many of them look at me funny when I mention the topic. So, just to make it easy to understand, think about some of the company brands that you encounter everyday like McDonalds, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi.

Now think about persons with personal brands. These include Donald Trump, Michael Jackson (his brand lives on), Madonna, and many others.

These are household names. The branding of each has led you and me to instantly recognize what each of these names stand for. While we all need personal branding, not many of us will ever need this type of personal branding. We simply will never become that well known. And most of us do not want or need personal branding to the extreme that these companies and businesses have accomplished.

Most of us dont need fame, but we all need personal branding. Everybody can benefit from it. No matter what our position or station in life, personal branding is important. And personal branding on a scale that is really valuable, practicable, realistic, and usable is not hard to accomplish. You just need to know some easy to use techniques and secrets.

My goal in writing this checklist or very short book is to help you to learn these valuable personal branding skills. You may share this eBook with everybody you think could benefit from it. If you are wondering who can benefit from personal branding, see the paragraph above. Hint Everybody.

Good luck with every good thing that you set out to do or accomplish!





1- Your Goals – Planning For Brand Building Success

Long Term


Action Goals

Personal Goals

Your Personal Branding Goals

PLACE Planned Law Of Averages, Contacts, and Efforts

Take Action

Mission Statements, Affirmations And Mantras

2- Make Positive Progress

Positivity Is Contagious

Build A Positive Image

3- Your Pitch

Practice Your Pitch

Deliver Your Pitch in 10 Seconds

Make Your Elevator Pitch

Make Your Dinner Party Pitch

Learn To Be A Great Public Speaker

Take Along A Wing Man or Wing Woman

Use Distractions and Props When Speaking Like a Magician

Dim The Lights Use PowerPoint

4 – Networking

Stay Connected To Old Friends and New Acquaintances

Have Your Own Blog / Website / MySpace, or other online presence

Get To Know Achievers in Your Field

Networking Groups and Opportunities

5 – Learn The Rules Of Emailing Etiquette

Ms. And Mr.

Give Out Your Business Email Address

Share Your Personal Email Address With Select People

Categorize Your Contacts

Virtual Rolodex Keeping Up With Contacts

Your Email Signature


6 – Business Cards and When To Use Them

Give Them A Business Card

Give Then A Personal Card

Use Both Sides Of Your Business Card

7 – Learn From The Masters

Read Everything You Can About Your Field

Read and Study All About Personal Branding

Read and Study All About Business Branding

Gather Your Master Mentor Group

Add Some Dead Masters

Add Living Idols

Use Real People When Available

8 – Market Your Brand

Make A Bold Statement But Not Too Bold

Dont Be Flamboyant Unless That Is Your Field

Make Your Mark Memorable

Business Logos

Personal Logos

Tags Pseudonyms And Aliass Samuel Langhorne Clemens – Mark Twain

Get The Word Out About You

Buying Google Ad Space

Responding To Craigslist Ads

Newspaper and Magazine Space Ads

9 – Dress For Success

Dressing Like The Winner You Are

Dress Sharp For Interviews

Dress Like The Crowd At Work – This is not the place for trend setting

10 – Final Tips and Techniques

Do Favors Without Expecting Anything In Return You will Get More Than If You Asked

Keep Promises

Using Facebook To Increase Business

Writing and Sending Your Resume

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Michael Irvin

About the Author: Michael Irvin – Bilingual marketing, management, business development, expert entrepreneur and author who has help many business large and small to develop, manage and market their business products and services.

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