Loving Your Purse? Organize A Purse Party With Your Friends

By David H. Urmann

A purse party is a great opportunity for women to share information on the latest purses and accessories in stores. It also represents a great way of having fun and to check out new purses and perhaps even buy one.

A purse party is an invitation to friends for enjoying the pleasure of a shopping experience without taking the trouble of going to malls or stores. This will give you and your friends the chance to relax, enjoy a good drink, talk, laugh and also learn about the latest purses and other fashion accessories.

The majority of purse parties are definitely a social hit and they effortlessly manage to blend business and pleasure perfectly. It is a great way to enjoy the company of your friends and look at the latest models of purses at the same time.


You may want to organize your very own purse party and benefit from it. There are consultants that could help you to organize a successful party purse. The consultant will help you with everything you need, from organizing a different party that will meet your requirements in creating a purse party theme, building a guest list, fixing on games, refreshments and even on the types of purses you will present at the party.

When you organize a purse party, you will receive a free hostess gift, and you will get discounts on certain purchases. But, it makes good sense to ask a qualified purse consultant details regarding the benefits they offer and the sales levels you must make in order to receive the gifts you want. Moreover, the purse consultant will provide you with a hostess kit that contains everything you wish to know about preparing for your purse party. Usually these kits include checklists, invitations, party themes, guest lists recipes for refreshments and catalogues with different fashion accessories.

It is advisable to talk to your purse party consultant about how you can get people to attend your party and how you can boost your sales during the purse parties that will enable you to receive the gifts you desire. Be sure that you invite a lot more guests than you believe will turn up and always remind them one day ahead about your purse party. Be positive and excited about your party and make sure everyone is enjoying the occasion. You should come up with an exciting theme and do not forget to shop with your guests for the perfect purse.

This party will give you the opportunity to spend time with your friends and acquaintances and to enjoy shopping from the privacy and comfort of your home. Be sure that you have enough space in your home for a purse party and look for the size displays that will be set up ahead of time. You must decide on the style of purses you will present at your party and make sure you order enough purses.

Prepare to take orders for your purses. Before you end the party, announce to the group that they can get discounts by hosting another purse party of their own. Never forget to take down notes of the contact information of anyone who expresses an interest in holding a party. Once you have some contacts ready to host a purse party, your purse party venture should begin to flourish, as more people wish to take part. If you still want to extend your network each time you want to organize a purse party, advertise your parties on bulletin boards in your area and give out business cards to people you meet on a daily basis.

Purse party can be a source of enjoyment and business. Why not organize one of your own?

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