Idiot Proof Diet The Easiest Diet To Follow And Lose 9 Lbs In 11 Days Guaranteed!}

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So you want to lose 9 pounds in 11 days the easy and convenient way? Others may scream that they can do more, but if you want to take the easy and convenient road and getting the results, then the Idiot Proof Diet is the right diet for you. The Idiot Proof Diet is highly popular over the internet right now, and its popularity can be traced to its easy-to-follow guides that the average and the busy man can easily follow even when he is too busy. At the center of the dieting plan is the call for a person to shift his calorific intake and effectively varying the type of meal that he takes every time. These two steps are just part of the ten steps that promise to boost your body’s metabolism in the process.

Now back to the issue on how you can lose that amount of weight in 11 days. So how can this be possible? This is done through a specially-crafted plan that needs to be followed. This is based on a cycle of 11 days and in these 11 days you need to follow the specific set of food guidelines. And after you cleared these 11 days of varying meals and calorific intake, you will be given with three cheat days in order for you to give in to some of the meals that you crave. After you have finished the three days grace period, then you are off again and set to start the cycle. This will happen until you have reached your desired targets.


The Idiot Proof Diet works because of the adjustment that happens on the caloric and the nutrient ratio. When you keep on adjusting these values, then the body has no chance of adjusting its metabolic ratio to a set rate. What happens is that it prevents the metabolism from slowing down. Aside from the suggestion that you needs to change your calorific intake and change the meals from time to time, the plan also incorporates eight more rules that can allow you to reduce your weight by as much as nine pounds in 11 days. One rule requires you to take four meals a day, and it is suggested that the meal should be separated by at least 2.5 hours. Also the meals that should be prepared at home in order for the plan to work. Shy away as well from rich sauces and gravies. Though these things may give you some high, you have to remember as well that these are rich in calories and fats. It is suggested as well that you know when to say enough, when you no longer need it.

The Idiot Proof Diet also puts a premium on the drinks that you take. No colas and sweet beverages please. You have to consume more water, and make it at least eight to ten glasses of water each day. And of course, finish or start you day with some exercise in the form of walking. Simple steps that needs to be followed in order for you to get that nine pound off your body, guaranteed. That’s what this Idiot Proof Diet does for you.

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