The Changing Dynamics Of Rewards &Amp; Recognition

“Can gratitude be part of a process beyond its moral trappings?”

Gratitude is not just a matter of good gesture but provides a far deeper impact on one’s life and attitude. It provides the charm for any help done to anyone. Gratitude makes one of the pinnacles of humanity, which is seen in action and stands better than mere words. As Henri Frederic Amiel says-

“Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts.”

Have you ever wondered what is that one more important thing that keeps employees motivated to be the best self at work day in and day out? Appreciation. While words of appreciation and encouragement might be validating, they’re fleeting beyond a point.

Attracting talent is crucial, but what is more important is recognising talent in the workplace. Not just that: In the crossroads of people and change, carrot and stick, smarter rewards, and speedy perks, it is critical for HRs to create a reward strategy that articulates the expectation of both employer and employees.

Recognition in the Workplace:

Human interaction involves gratitude which helps to cherish the relationships among each other. It is more pronounced in any workplace which involves people willing to cooperate to combine skills and merit to produce necessary solutions. Skyhigh Marketing in their book” The Side effects of “Thank You” brings out the merits of Gratitude such as:

    • Ensure high productivity – Gratitude generates happiness which makes dopamine released to the brain, making it more productive
    • Reduced Stress Levels – Practicing Gratitude on a regular basis would help to reduce stress hormones. Being grateful ensures emotional and physical resilience
    • Foster Healthy Lifestyle: – Two major indicators of healthy living are the sleep patterns and immune system. Gratitude acts as a catalyst to attain happiness and joy
    • Social Recognition: Social sense of gratitude helps in building a healthy work culture between employers and employees
    • Increased focus at work: Recognition does not just foster health and happiness but it is a prime factor to increase focus at work.

Economical Aspects:

In the” The Side effects of the “Thank You” book, the authors describe the varying costs and effects of losing and rehiring an employee. This is prevalent in low paying jobs with high turnover rates as these jobs do bear pressure and thereby lose productivity and are the major cause of attrition. This goes higher in costs connected to high paying jobs also.

The best way forward is rather simple. Coming up with sturdy rewards and recognition strategy! At the end of the day, that’s the best way to let your employees know that they’re doing well.

Companies must invest more in building strong reward and recognition programs and must use modern technology such as a unified HRMS software in order to track the mood and morale of the employees and determine how to increase productivity by keeping employees motivated at work. An end to end HR Solution like Darwinbox, Cake HR, Bamboo HR, Namely etc can help in tracking productivity, giving and receiving effective feedback and appreciating and recognising employees by enabling peer-to-peer recognition. This will help in building a culture of recognition and gratitude at work.

Impact of Recognition In Times of COVID:

Many would like to show gratitude in the best of their times but rarely at the lowest point. And it becomes even more difficult to express gratitude when everyone across the world is under a crisis like COVID. A pandemic forces people not to interact, not to converse face to face, which would make people feel agitated when they are all alone at home with zero social life. The tendency will prevail as the work from home culture evolves to be permanent. Therefore, now when more than half of the corporate population across the world are working remotely it becomes even more important for HRs to focus on recognition to keep employees motivated which in turn will enhance productivity at work.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – John F. Kennedy

While formal recognition programs like annual employee awards are valuable, recognition shouldn’t be restricted to once in a year affair. It should be continuous and holistic. HR should encourage managers to recognize their reportees and peers in impromptu ways. With employees working from home, managers could start their virtual meetings by calling out good work done by the employees from the past week. In addition to regular meetings, managers should also encourage their team to set up virtual celebrations where anyone can voice their appreciation for each other. These virtual get-togethers can help foster connectivity at a time when people need it most.

Ways of Gratitude:

Gratitude is not a measurable quantity that can be judged but seen as a matter of human quality which is inseparable from motivation and productivity. This is the key to a healthy and productive workspace, enabling gratitude to be a primordial virtue.

A way of recognition is by peer to peer appreciation where colleagues could show the impact of gratitude more profoundly, enabling the workplace to be holistic and stress-free. This would be more crucial when the workplace is online oriented, where the colleagues are unable to meet face to face in this crisis.

Another is to create a ratio where both praise and criticism is used to judge a service or event on an employee. This may at least force the employee to work more to better interact with their peers and clients. The measure of gratitude should not restrict to only this ratio, but also involve the following methods(Summer Allen, “ The Science of Gratitude”)

  • The Gratitude Adjective Checklist(GAC)- This involves the employees to report a 1- 5 scale on the basis of these adjectives of gratitude, thankful and appreciative for any time period.
  • The Gratitude Questionnaire(GQ-6) – It is designed to measure the level of gratitude of a person as a “ trait gratitude” using a 6 value set.
  • The Gratitude Resentment and Appreciation Test(GRAT)- Another way to measure trait gratitude, with a rating system on a series of statements

These ways are only possible if the workspace encourages trust-building, promotes transparency, be open and tolerant of others’ views and opinions. It’s only possible if the workforce engages itself towards the feeling of esprit de corps. To express such an approach of gratitude, it is recommended to adopt these three simple practices at work.

  • Formulate a reward strategy
  • Maintain a recognition journal
  • Come up with innovative ways of recognition like-
  1. time-off to be used at a future date,
  2. free breakfast or lunch for those still coming into work,
  3. gift cards to local restaurants

How Online Payroll Software And Hr Software Help Small And Medium Businesses Grow?

Online payroll software India is specified with features that works according to the requirement of Indian industrial businesses. Payroll policies vary according to the federal and state laws of the country and it is necessary for a software to evaluate the required data as per requirements.

HR software and payroll software functions as per the requirement as in India the employment laws are different as the education system is different. Here are few aspects ofonline payroll software india and HR software works for small and medium enterprises in India:

Management of workforce


Payroll software makes it easier for the human resources team to manage the workforce and process with the performance of each employee working on different levels. It allows the human resources team to focus on the quality and growth of the organization by taking over the tedious yet important tasks which plays a major role in determining the workforce and future of the organization.It is important to know about an employee working hours as this determines their hard earned money. An automated system works with minimum risk of error to resolve the issue of over-payment, under payment or even delayed payment .

Empowerment of the employees

By allowing the employee to stay updated about their attendance and performance doesn’t only allow them to better understand their amount of work which needs to be done and increase their hard work to meet up targets . An easy access to their documents and payroll information including PF,ESI benefits is a way to explain the benefits of the organization which will motivate the employee to work harder resulting in growth of the organization.

Unbiased Decisions

With the invert of cloud computing software it has become easier to store data. This helps the organization to take advantage of the available resources to take decisions which reflects on the growth of the organization. For example, promoting an employee to a senior position indicates that the organization has given the employee to make decisions for the organization in different ways. It is important to know the employee’s responsibilities which were performed by him earlier and the results to determine if the employee is capable of such responsibilities or otherwise.

Cost and time efficiency

For a business to grow it is important to work on optimizing work so that the team can focus on broader aspects to explore more options for development. There are various tasks in the payroll and HR department which need to be taken into account on a daily basis for example payroll checks, overtime dues, attendance, performance analysis etc. Software which automates processes is an affordable way to optimize workload and a solution to minimize the risk of error. As missing deadlines on payroll or missing updates of new guidelines issued by the state government can result in hefty penalties and cost the reputation of the organization as well.payroll software notifies about the updated deadlines. HR software helps in ranking performances, connecting to employees working all over the country by one click and a secured environment to discuss confidential decision making for betterment of the organization.

The results that the organizations have received from using online payroll software India andHR software has shown positive results.These are some of the basic functions which have helped the small and medium businesses towards better administration and helps the human resource management teams to focus on development of the organization.

Employee Lockers For Factory Restroom Design

By Patricia Holland

Architects can choose from a number of plastic employee lockers for factory restroom design. Plastic is recommended over metal because of its superior longevity. In most factory environments, there are all sorts of airborne agents that will corrode metal. Many factories are also located near the sea, and salt air definitely will corrode metal. Consider as well the cost of a severely damaged metal locker, or a metal locker that loses its paint job, and you can easily see how something that appears to be cost-effective at face value is not really cost-effective in the long run.

Contrast this with plastic employee lockers that are built with plastic pieces that are contiguously colored throughout. This means the plastic itself is colored instead of being painted after production. A storage unit made from this material will never need to be repainted. With over 30 colors available, it is also much easier to match the unit to interior decor. This may not be important in some heavy-duty industrial facilities, but in other facilities that house both a production floor and executive offices, factory restroom design can finally feature a higher level of aesthetics to impress the higher-ups.

Different types of employee lockers can accommodate a wide range of industry types. Many specialized jobs require protective clothing that is better stored on premises than taken home every night by the employee. Such items as welder’s masks, construction helmets, work boots, gloves, and protective vests can all be retrieved by workers at the beginning of their shifts and stored again at the end of their shifts. When plastic lockers and employee showers are in every factory bathroom, changing in and out of work clothes can be done quickly without late starts on daily production.


Just this slight improvement in daily efficiency will add up over time to bring a great return on investment to any organization willing to invest in plastic lockers today.

Employee lockers for factory restroom designs come in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit particular storage needs. Some, such as bench lockers, are ideal for storing tools and special protective gear. Other units which feature what we normally picture in our minds when we think of a locker are designed to neatly hang day clothes and to store personal items.

This is not only a benefit to workers on the production floor alone. Many times, executives, clients, and investors come to tour a facility to inspect its progress. These individuals will need to wear protective clothing, ideally, if they are going to be near certain areas or materials otherwise deemed hazardous. Incorporating high-quality employee lockers into every factory restroom design makes facility tours of this nature more common and much safer than ever before.

Some organizations have hesitated to invest in lockers because they worry about liability resultant from theft. While this is a valid concern, modern lockers are built with maximum security in mind. All locker types are manufactured to accommodate a variety of lock types. However, for factory restroom designs where employees will no doubt be storing valuables, it is recommended that lockers be custom ordered with built-in combination locks or built-in key locks.

About the Author:

XPB Locker

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Employee Lockers for Factory Restroom Design.plastic lockers.plastic locker.


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Open Source Asset Tracking 3 Benefits

By Andy Doan

It is not only the large companies that face problems of stability and competition but small and medium enterprises also have to go through the same. It is a priority task for the company to keep track of assets especially businesses having humble beginnings. The assets of a company keep undergoing changes with time. The best solution to fulfill such needs of a company is open source asset tracking.

1. Management Control: There are a number of benefits of this tracking system which come in the form of software. This software will help the company to keep a track of their assets which includes both tangible assets like property and infrastructure as well non tangible like human resources. The open source asset tracking allows the company to maintain a certain desired level of performance by managing certain aspects related to particular assets like warranties related to a particular asset, user data, the appreciation and depreciation of assets, asset receipts and management of costs related to them. Any kinds of management problems are taken care of by this software and any compromises as a result of the cost management, financial planning and capital budgeting will be kept at bay. When these factors come under control managing other aspects the business like finished goods and raw materials also becomes easy to manage.


2. Cash Flow Management: Managing cash flows is another task that small and medium enterprises face difficulty with because of the lack of abundant resources. By using the open source asset tracking, you can better analyze the productivity data that is available with you. The company is thus able to maintain and improve its efficiency as a result as the software uses the data accumulated in the database of the company.

3. Tracking of Hardware and Software: The open source asset tracking will allow you to identify all the unlicensed installations and also enables you to track hardware and software installations from corner to corner of the management system. It is important to understand the markets fully and from all the aspects. The competition in the industry today is so intense that missing even a slightest bit of detail can lead to catastrophic consequences. Therefore it becomes imperative to have the right information about the assets of the company and the capital. This will help them to match up to the competition. The assets of the company need to be articulated to properly understand the needs of the business. A consultant can be hired to get a feasible solution to issues related to asset tracking.

In case of change in the markets, the most devastating effects are on the small and medium businesses. Their profits and revenues and trends are affected more than their bigger counterparts. Larger companies have the power to withstand some of the brunt of sudden change in the markets but smaller sized companies may not be able to make it through. Thus asset tracking will help in better functioning of the company and also be better prepared for the market competition.

About the Author: Andy Doan is a software developer that founded ICONVEX in 2001. Andy’s vision was to create a full-service web design and IT firm that produced premium-quality services at very reasonable prices. Today, ICONVEX is a fast-growing firm located in Southern California which serves customers across the U.S. and the world. For more information visit:

Open Source Asset Tracking


Strategic Web Design


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Third Party Lawyer In California: You Need To Find Out If You Have A Third Party Work Injury Case

Third Party Lawyer In California: You Need To Find Out If You Have A Third Party Work Injury Case


William Turley

California workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. Regardless of whether you are to blame or whether your employer is to blame for the accident, if you were hurt on the job, then under California law, you are entitled to workers compensation benefits. However, if your work injuries were caused by someone else other than your employer or a co-worker, you may be able to file a lawsuit to obtain fair compensation from that person or company. The lawsuit is in addition to your workers compensation claim.

If you have a potential third party case, in addition to your California Workers Compensation Lawyer, you will need a California Third Party Attorney. Rarely will a California Workers Compensation Attorney have the skills necessary to handle a serious third party work injury case.

The general rule is that an injured employee cannot bring a civil lawsuit against their employer for injuries occurring while they are in the course and scope of their employment. Instead, the general rule is that, worker’s compensation benefits are your exclusive remedy against your employer.


This is called the “Exclusive Remedy Doctrine.” This means that you can only recover workers compensation benefits from your employer. With a California workers compensation case, you can not recover civil remedies from your employer, such as pain and suffering, past and future wage loss, loss of enjoyment of life, money for scarring and disfigurement, and/or emotional distress.

If someone else is legally responsible for your injuries, then you can pursue civil remedies against this other person and/or entity. Any person/entity other than your employer that is legally responsible your damages is a third-party.

Generally, a workers’ compensation recovery does not preclude a civil suit by you against a negligent third-party. An employee’s civil lawsuit against persons/entities other than your employer is termed a “third-party case” or “third party claim” or “third party work injury lawsuit.”

Potentially, you can recover much more money in a third party civil case. A third party case can mean you receive hundreds of thousands of dollars more in compensation. Or in some cases, millions more in compensation for your work injuries.


This article should not be read as legal advice. This article is simplistic in order to achieve clarity. If you have a serious work injury, you are advised to consult with a California Third Party Lawyer. Do not rely on your California workers compensation lawyer to determine whether you have a viable third party case. Always consult with a lawyer that specializes in third party work injury cases. Unfortunately, there are very, very few good seasoned Third Party Lawyers in California.

Finally, whenever you go to court asking for money, your credibility is always at issue. Meaning, nobody is going to believe you. If you get caught in a lie – you will lose your case. The simple rule is this: always tell the truth. Never exaggerate your injuries.

Bill Turley is a

Third Party Lawyer in California

. He has the most comprehensive California work injury attorney website. Bill is the highest rated

California Workers Compensation Lawyer


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Medical Treatment Under The Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act

Submitted by: Jack B. Katz

If you have been injured at work in Pennsylvania, you do not have to treat with a company or designated doctor unless a list of medical providers is given to you by your employer or its insurance company, according to the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act. Looking at it the opposite way, you must treat with a company doctor (or at least with a designated facility), only if your employer or its insurance copmany has provided you with a list of at least six healthcare providers. Of course, it’s not easy to know if the least is correct. That’s why you should contact attorney Jack B. Katz, former chair of the Philadelphia Bar Association Workers’ Compensation Section, who will review the information you have received and provide legal advice.

If a proper list of six places was not provided at your workplace, then you are immediately free to treat with a physician of your own choosing -no matter what the employer tells you or hands you. If a proper list is provided, then you need to treat with at least one of these providers for 90 days from the first date of treatment. If a specialist is needed and one is not on the posted list, a injured worker may treat with a doctor of his own choosing. The employer will be responsible for the bill. (This includes chiropractor, if needed, and none is posted.)

What does this all really mean? If an employee fails to treat with a designated provider for the first 90 days, the employer does not have to pay for the medical treatment received during that time only – that is all that the above means! It does not mean that the claim itself will be denied or that you will not receive any weekly benefits. In other words, don’t automatically believe what your employer or its insurance company says. They may not be telling you the truth, or may not be telling you the whole truth.


Since the company can have control of treatment for 90 days -you may want -at least once – to choose to be examined by a doctor in whom you have confidence and who will look after your best interest. This is true even if you have to pay for the treatment yourself. If not, after the 90 days, you won’t have a doctor who can fully document and confirm your injury to the insurance company, let alone start to cure you! (You should always notify your employer of the name and address of your treating physician within 5 days of you initial treatment.)

After 90 days, you absolutely should treat with your own doctors. The employer is then entitled only to periodic examinations but not to have you treat with their doctors. (The employer’s or insurance company’s doctors are not being paid by you and may be under pressure to get you back to work before you are really ready.)

Finally, if surgery is prescribed by a company-designated doctor, employees may get a second opinion by a doctor of their choice -paid for by the employer.

This handy Pennsylvania workers compensation law tip is provided by the Philadelphia workers compensation law office of Attorney Jack B. Katz, Law Offices of Jack B. Katz, 1213 Vine Street Philadelphia, PA 19107,, Email

About the Author: Philadelphia workers compensation attorney Jack B. Katz, and the

Law Offices of Jack B. Katz

have been representing injured workers for more than two decades. Jack Katz concentrates his practice in workers compensation matters.


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