Solving Your Mortgage Financing Woes With Citi Financial Mortgage Loan Packages

By Sean A. Kelly

CitiFinancial mortgage loans and solutions have been helping home buyers cope better with their home purchases for decades now, and offer highly attractive home loans as well as refinancing packages for your benefit. CitiFinancial mortgage loans are available through more than 1,800 branches in North America alone, and due to the easy accessibility, customers find it easy to deal with CitiFinancial that can provide quality services almost instantly when required. For the record, CitiFinancial is part of Citi Group that is a global leader in financial services. Headquartered in Baltimore, CitiFinancial has been in existence since 1912, and for almost a century now has been helping thousands of individuals fulfill their dreams to purchase or refinance their homes. With the help of a competent and helpful CitiFinancial customer service representative, you would realize that securing financing for your home could be a lot easier than you expected.

The organization has several distinct advantages as compared to its closest competitors that makes it stand out compared to the rest. Its ability to offer almost instantaneous face-to-face services is well-known nationwide, as the organization holds more than 1,800 branches in the county, thus chances are that you might have a branch right in your neighborhood. This helps significantly as having a customer service consultant help you answer crucial questions and queries with regards to a home loan application would help extensively in your securing a home loan in the most cost and time effective manner possible. CitiFinancial has also been in the mortgage financing business for close to a century now, and has garnered a respectable name for itself in the world of mortgage financing. And you would also find CitiFinancial mortgage rate offers to be highly attractive compared to those from less distinguished competitors that need to charge higher interest rates to continue to compete in the competitive world of mortgage financing.


One of the reasons why CitiFinancial is extremely popular in terms of mortgage loans is the fact that it possesses an exceptionally user-friendly and easy-to-use website. Within this website you would find the ultimately helpful CitiFinancial mortgage calculator, a tool that would help you calculate your possible monthly mortgage repayment amount quickly and conveniently. The website also offers plenty of useful information for home buyers, especially first-time buyers that need some mortgage purchasing education and knowledge. The online account that you would need to create to manage your mortgage loan is highly secure, and would give you the opportunity to not only make payments online but also view your statements whenever you need to. You could also conveniently update your personal information online without having to visit your financial institution personally with the existence of your online account. Apart from making payments online, CitiFinancial also offers you the ability to pay your mortgage payments through AutoPay (automatic deduction from your personal bank account), in-branch payments, phone payments and even mail payments.

Nevertheless CitiFinancial have been bugged by complaints from mortgage loan seekers that denote that the institution has limited loan options, as well as inflexible payment terms and options that do sometimes make it difficult to manage their mortgage loans. In terms of mortgage loans, CitiFinancial only offers loans up to $400,000, while those seeking home equity loans need to be satisfied with a maximum of $125,000. Despite these complaints, CitiFinancial has managed to attract approximately 3 million customers in the United States alone, and this shows that the institution’s ability to offer face-to-face attention to every customer as well as its brilliant online banking facility are appreciated by the population.

CitiFinancial also offers a lower interest rate reward if you make 24 consecutive on-time monthly payments on either your fixed-rate mortgage rate or home equity loan. With rewards such as this available for consistent borrowers that service their loans on time, CitiFinancial is definitely a mortgage lender that you should consider when you are hunting for a mortgage loan.

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