Improve Your Credit Score In 24 Hours Is It Possible?

By Tim H Lambert

Most of us are asking how long it takes to improve our credit score. Will it be years, months, weeks or days? Is it possible to improve your credit score in 24 hours? The answer to that question is yes, it is possible to improve in overnight.

To start the improvement process, you should know your credit score. Aside from that, get a copy of your credit report for the three credit bureaus. It is very important that you have those two. The three credit bureaus are the Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. You can get your score in TransUnion for free over the phone while the other two will charge a small amount if you know your score through phone or Internet. Credit report should come with a confirmation number. This is necessary for you to follow up your items in the credit report via phone or online. Now that you have both the credit score, you should look into the middle score of the three especially if you are applying for a home loan and work on it. For example, your score for TransUnion is 595, Equifax is 623 and Experian is 636, the lender will pull all yours score and then chooses the middle one which is 623 in our example. So you should work to improve the Equifax and improve your credit report there. Remember, items in your credit report directly influence your credit score.


So what will be the plan to improve your credit card in 24 hours? It is very simple, dispute with you being persistent. Disputing is the right given to the borrowers based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Disputing is necessary to eliminate or remove any inaccurate items in your credit report that have negative effects in your score. Disputing inaccurate item get be a do it yourself work or you can hire credit repair consultants; however, you have to pay them at least $700 to repair your credit report.

Disputing derogatory items is necessary when you have items, meaning these items on the credit report are erroneous and you don’t actually deserve it. For example, there is an open collection amounting to $90, but you have paid in 2 years ago. You can dispute this item with the credit bureau and the law states that the creditor should investigate it and give a report after 30 days. If your claim is correct, they will tell the bureaus and delete it from your report. It would be great if you show proof of your payments to help the investigation fast. Sometimes, there are creditors that will just delete the item without any responding to the bureaus. Each item that gets deleted will give you an increase of 20 – 25 points in your score. Another way to increase your score is to ask the creditor that do they delete items once you pay it. If they delete then you can have a 20+ points increase after you have pay your debts or any collections!

The most powerful way to improve your credit score in 24 hours is to constantly dispute derogatory items until they get weary of you and they delete that item!

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