Benefits Of Letting Us Guide You Through Your Filing

byAlma Abell

Filing for bankruptcy is never an ideal scenario. However, if you are drowning in debt, it may be the right answer. Chances are you are inexperienced in filing for bankruptcy, which makes the situation even more complex due to the fear of making a mistake or doubting whether you are covering all of the bases. For this reason, among others, it is always recommended that individuals hire a bankruptcy attorney. Lawyers have the experience needed to get their client’s debt successfully liquidated. Debtors are encouraged to shop around the multiple amount of bankruptcy attorneys and find a lawyer they feel would represent them appropriately.


Do you think that bankruptcy would benefit you or your business? Let us guide you through the filing process. With many steps and areas that need to be covered in bankruptcy cases, individuals can easily miss something, often having an extremely negative effect on their case. Lawyers who practice in this field are aware all of all the details that apply to these cases and will use this information to their advantage. To be discharged, each client will need to go through a series of steps, all of which the attorney will be able to assist with. These steps include:

  • Analyze the client’s debt and figure out which would go into the bankruptcy claim
  • Determine whether or not the client has property exemptions
  • Determine the petitioner is eligible to file for bankruptcy
  • Collect necessary documentation verifying the debt
  • Fill out bankruptcy forms, which would need to include all debt
  • File the forms at the appropriate courthouse
  • Attend a meeting with a trustee
  • If any objections are made, file accordingly
  • Attend a financial planning course, most of which can be completed online
  • Be discharged

If you let us guide you through the filing process, you will find the process is much simpler and hassle-free than you had originally anticipated. And to make the deal that much sweeter, there is FREE case consultation available. Take the first step towards financial freedom by talking to a lawyer today.

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Become A Literary Scout

By Tiffany Provost

A career as a literary scout is a combination of book editor and literary agent rolled into one job. It is the job of a literary scout to find new works for their clients to buy and publish, and they’re always doing it. They can also be often hired by a publisher in a foreign country, and many literary scouts spend a lot of time reading to find material that their clients may be interested in. Their job is to keep abreast of American publishers’ trends by tracking the popularity of their latest published titles. It’s a well-kept secret as a career and a great choice for those who enjoy reading. After reading this you will have a fairly good grasp on what it takes to become a literary scout.

You should begin with a good education. Completion of a college course is key to a career as a literary scout. Be sure to specialize in English Literature and focus your studies on editing, marketing, creative writing and publishing. While you are in school take every opportunity related to literature that you can to add to your experience. Before searching for a permanent position as a literary scout you should test the waters by applying for an internship. However, any experience with respect to publishing, writing and editing will only serve to help you in your career.


Be aware of what the trends of today are in books. Knowledge of a strong body of literature, current and past, will strongly contribute to the success of a literary scout. It is important to have a good library of literary knowledge so you should read often and well. Maintain awareness of what is on the bestseller’s lists and look for what publishers are putting out. The basic requirement for being a literary scout, is an understanding of how the literary market works.

Relocating to Manhattan. You can often get a job right out of school if you are truly passionate about being a literary scout. But you must plan to reside in New York in order to do this. It may be a major step to take in order to secure the job that you want, but you should take into consideration that it is the only place in the U.S. where these kinds of jobs are available. Literary scout positions are difficult to find as it is a specialized field and not in great demand. You will find the largest number of literary scout positions are in New York City.

Contact scouting agencies to get more information. Scouting agencies will provide good advice on how to become a literary scout. A few of the popular ones in New York are Bettina Schrewe, Maria Campbell & Associates, Mary Ann Thompson Associates and Franklin & Siegel. When seeking a role as a literary scout, you should just call their offices and see what they might have. You may want to consider reviewing scouting agency sites for potential employment opportunities as well. Your search should include media job forums. These paths can put you on the right track to a job as a literary scout.

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How To Obtain Corporate Credit To Fund Your Passive Income Business!}

Submitted by: Rachel Victoria

Like any business, you need startup capital to be successful. Most business experts list lack of adequate startup funding as the primary reason businesses fail. Your startup passive income business will not succeed on a shoestring budget as many are trying to do.

Here’s why you need capital to create this business. Let’s say you have $10,000 or maybe even $50,000 to invest right now. And let’s say you find strong earning, diversified passive income systems that actually double your money in a year. That’s a $10,000 to $50,000 profit each year. That’s great, but when you’re building a retirement portfolio, or want to save up for your dream home, or send your children to college – this won’t be enough to achieve your goals.

Of course, the plan is to compound these gains over a number of years. But the longer your plan takes the more likely roadblocks will slow you down and you may need to dip into your investments to survive – for a health crisis, a career change, a downturn in your career, care for an elderly parent …

So, to accomplish real wealth building and get off the slow treadmill that too many of us are caught up in, you may want to obtain startup capital, just like most business ventures do to get underway. You need to capitalize your passive income business dream!


Let’s say you invest your $50,000 in savings and make 6% a month. That’s $3,000 a month. Not bad. But if you could obtain $300,000 in savings and after the debt service net 4% or more a month, that’s a $12,000 net monthly return. Much better.

For some, this may seem unusual – to obtain capital for investment purposes. However, this business model has been functioning in the banking industry for decades.

The banks pay you 1% on your savings account deposits, then lend your funds out for credit card purchases or auto loans at a cost to the borrower of 12%. And, they pocket the difference on your money! Now, you can use the same leverage when you obtain capital to start a passive income business.

But how do you obtain startup capital for a passive income business? This kind of business is of course not your typical brick and mortar establishment, and borrowing money for investing has certain restrictions. But it can be done, even in today’s extremely challenging lending environment.

Our favorite avenue for startup capital was Non Personal Guarantor funding, where no one is personally responsible to pay the loan back. This is the type of funding that well-established companies and wealthy individuals obtain. Do you think that when Donald Trump obtains investment capital for a new venture, that he signs over his name and his fortune to guarantee payback? Not a chance. If that were the case, then one of his five or so corporate bankruptcies would have reduced him to nothing long ago.

But Non Personal Guarantor (Non PG) funding is difficult to obtain with credit so tight in todays lending environment. We are still testing various Non PG systems, but you may want to consider PG funding for the time being until the lending situation improves. PG funding is delivering consistently, and since we have many high returning passive income systems to ensure loan payback and profitability, we’re comfortable using PG systems until other methods start to deliver again.

So jumpstart your financial future with high levels of funding in your passive income business, just like any other business requires. The companies that have succeeded have always, always had high levels of startup funding. Why shouldn’t you?

Good luck in all your investing!

Credit 2 Cashflow

About the Author: The author is a former CFP with an MSFS in Financial Planning. Ms. Victoria owned a Fortune 100 Financial Services Franchise for 20 years.

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The Two Most Trusted And Time Tested Swing Trading Indicators

By Creztor Tessel

The trend is your friend; this is a very common phrase that is used frequently in the trading world. However, some things are easier said than done. Every trader knows the trend is his friend, but which swing trading indicators should one use to take advantage of the trend? When used properly, trading indicators can make entry and exit of trades easy, but the difficult is in knowing which indicator you should use. As technology has advanced over the years, there has been a huge increase in the number and kind of indicators traders have available. To get a head start on your path to trading successfully, one needs to know which indicators are worth your time and which ones should be ignored. Some of the most popular trading indicators are MACD, Stochastics, Moving Averages and trend lines.

Moving averages are very popular in the trading world. One of the reasons for this is that they are possibly the oldest and first kind of indicators used by traders. Thanks to this they have gained a reputation of being the most widely used and trusted kind of indicator. Many professional stock traders around the world use moving averages to determine trend in the markets. There are several kinds of moving averages; simple, exponential, weighted and many more. Despite the kind of moving average, these indicators are frequently used to spot the trend and determine areas of support and resistance. A trader armed with this kind of information can fine tune their entry and exit increasing their returns.


Building upon the power of moving averages, the MACD is another very commonly used and highly valued trading indicator. The MACD is based on two moving averages and has multiple uses. This single indicator can be used to determine the trend of a market, spot areas of divergence and also be used to generate entry and exit signals for trades. There probably isn’t any other indicator that is as versatile and unique as the MACD. The MACD is a momentum indicator and as such is also used to identify areas where markets may be approaching their limit and readying for a pull back. It is no wonder that the MACD is so widely used by professional and corporate traders around the world.

These are just two of the many swing trading indicators that traders have at their dispose. If you are just starting out then it would be advised that you stick to indicators that are well known, trusted and widely used by the trading community and successful traders. Moving averages and the MACD are just two indicators that fall into this category of being proven and reliable. When used properly, moving averages offer any trader the ability to identify the trend and areas of support and resistance at a glance. MACD goes one step further and allows insight into momentum of the market which gives you the advantage of knowing when the market may be running out of steam. These two trading indicators have stood the test of time and should be a trading tool for any new trader.

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